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Hey There, I'm Jessica

Together, we can end the overwhelm.

Take a deep breath – we got this!

Running a business is hard. You’re constantly writing emails, learning about funnels, trying to figure out what & when to post on Instagram, while formatting your blog and – oh! – and don’t forget about tracking your business expenses….

Where is the time to actually work on your business instead of in your business? How do you find the time to actually deliver your services or focus on growing your income?

You’ve found your solution.

You've started your business - you've chased your dream. Some days you've likely even thought:
"I have zero time. What have I done?"

It’s no secret that you need to share your content on social media to attract more readers, grow your email list & convert your followers into customers…. the list goes on and on. I get it. How will you fit it all in?

After spending 12 years in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service – I was just … done. Done punching in a time clock to live in anticipation of my next 15 minute “break”. Done feeling like I was leaving my kids in the care of others to work for someone else’s dream. When I had my son, I knew I had to carve out another path.

So, I began googling “work from home” jobs and quickly found the scams that were out there. You know the kind… “if it sounds too  good to be true” …

While in corporate, I quickly began to recognize what an impact Social Media was going to have on Marketing as we knew it – and I paid attention.

From the moment it was available, I tuned into every training possible! Becoming Google Adwords Certified, participated in all the trainings offered on SEO and SEM, I dug deeper and began to understand why Facebook was taking the place of Myspace and how it would benefit businesses to consider having a presence there.

I’ve continued to hone my skills in all things SEO, Algorithms & Engagement, Opt Ins, List Building, Systems & Processes and more – all so you don’t have to.

I've created the only VA Agency that creates simple systems and processes for Creative Entrepreneurs who just need a skilled team to outsource to and depend on in an era of Digital Overwhelm & Social Media "noise".

What to expect

Discovery Call

Let’s chat! I’d like to get a feel for your business goals, get to know your brand & how we can best support you.

Client Portal

You will have access to your own client portal where you will be able to communicate, manage tasks and invoicing.


We will work together to create simple systems. Trello boards are designed and waiting for you.


That’s a sexy word, right? When all systems are working seamlessly & automatically – it’s like business nirvana. 

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some ways we can help you...

Social Media

Finally get ahead of this beast! JLVS will not only schedule your social media content, but we can support you by creating on-brand, informative content that can grow your following!

Digital Marketing

Opt-ins, Email Funnels – Oh My! 
Let’s get your followers onto your list, 
shall we?
Let’s strategize, get to know your brand, your goals & grow.

Transform "To-Do's" to Done

Are you a list maker too?
Send it our way – we can conquer it! Take back control of your time. We can handle those time-sucking, yet vital tasks so you can focus on your bottom line.